Business Value Creation Unlocking the value of hidden assets™.

Business Value Creation enhances the value of entities and individual brands using advanced information flow techniques within evolving media.

Garry Meldrum

* Founder of Business Value Creation LLC

* Founder of New Resident Solutions. Community leading small businesses helping newcomers to attain their goals in a nurturing environment.

* Art Gallery owner 10 years Cofounder of 2ndFriday Artwalk, now going into eightteenth year

* Senior executive with United Press International, business & concept development

* First generation Internet information systems developer

* Visiting Associate Professor at Duke

* Senior concept planner for war deterrence strategies,Reagan era with Presidential citation

* Senior government wargame designer

* Senior Naval Officer & Naval aviator

Garry is the founder of our company.


34 Media Professionals 

Stringers, editors, content syndicators and information flow experts