BVC History

The history of Business Value Creation LLC dates back to1991 as InfoNOW Associates, a first generation internet company. By 2006 it evolved to assist local small businesses define strategic goals and yearly tactical objectives. BVC then takes actions using online media to develop their brands and achieve the objectives..

Garry Meldrum is the founder

* Founder of Business Value Creation LLC

* Founder of New Resident Solutions. Community leading small businesses helping newcomers to attain their goals in a nurturing environment.

* Art Gallery owner 10 years. Cofounder of 2ndFriday Artwalk, now going into eightteenth year

* Senior executive with United Press International, business & concept development

* First generation Internet information systems developer

* Visiting Associate Professor at Duke

* Senior concept planner for war deterrence strategies, Reagan era with Presidential citation

* Senior government wargame designer

* Senior Naval Officer & Naval aviator


34 Media Professionals 

Stringers, editors, content syndicators and information flow experts



Turning Point Gallery held 129 events including the 2ndFriday Arwalk, founded in 2000. Over 24,000 visitors came to those events in addition to the daily gallery visitors. These and the artist represented by the gallery are the Friends of TPG.




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